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July 25, 2016 3 min read

I can’t say enough good things about the quality of bamboo. I’m confident that eventually most of our fabric-based products will incorporate bamboo fibers somehow because of their amazing benefits. Most importantly, bamboo is an excellent material to use for children’s clothing. Here’s why…

1. Bamboo is exceptionally soft – You just can’t find this softness anywhere else. The softness comes from the rounded shape of the bamboo fibers, which means it doesn’t scratch your skin. It’s an excellent fabric for children who can’t tolerate discomfort and people with sensitive skin.

2. Bamboo is anti-bacterial – Bamboo contains a substance called bamboo kun, which protects the plant front fungus and bacteria. The properties of this substance remain even after processing, so the clothing naturally resists bacteria. With less bacteria comes less odor, too, so you can wear the items more often without washing.

3. Bamboo wicks moisture away –Bamboo fabric is better at absorbing moisture than cotton. When you sweat, the fabric pulls water off your body and holds it within the fabric, keeping you dry. This makes it perfect for babies who need to stay dry. It does this through micro-holes in the cross-stitching, which allows heat to escape. Overheating is dangerous for babies, so this is a big benefit.

4. Bamboo uses 1/3 less water – Bamboo doesn’t need as much water to grow as cotton. In most places, that means no irrigation systems are required. In many places, farmer go to great trouble to get the water they need, but bamboo is largely self-sufficient.

5. Bamboo replenishes on its own – Whereas most crops have to be seeded, bamboo sprouts entirely on its own because it will keep growing from the same stalk. It grows tightly compact, too, so a single acre of bamboo creates ten times the fabric as a single acre of cotton. Some bamboo can grow 25 feet in their first month!

6. Bamboo is stronger than cotton – A substance called viscose in bamboo makes it stronger than cotton. Children tend to wear their clothes quickly because of all the movement and play. If they wear bamboo, you’ll keep those clothes for the next kid!

7. Bamboo doesn’t require pesticides – Bamboo has always been grow without pesticides or insecticides. They just aren’t necessary because bamboo naturally resists bugs and pests. Since there’s little to inhibit their growth, bamboo also doesn’t require much for fertilizer aside what’s already in the ground. That makes them a low labor (thus low energy) crop.

Have you ever tried bamboo clothing? What’s your experience?

Written by Carrie Shan, Founder of Silkberry Baby

Silkberry Baby is an organic baby clothing brand located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Developed by Carrie Shan, a mother of two young children, the range was conceived to create a baby bedding and clothing product range as her daughter had an allergic reaction to synthetic fibres. After much research, she sourced natural, eco-friendly and sustainable fibers (mulberry silk floss and bamboo) that she found to be the best natural choices available for baby and toddlers' bedding and clothing.

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