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May 04, 2017 3 min read

Ever been shopping at the mall or grocery store and the next thing you know, your toddler is having a meltdown in the middle of the store? Welcome to the “terrible twos”, the stage in your toddler’s life where their emotions get the best of them and they will have a tantrum for the most insignificant reason. It’s just a phase that will inevitably pass but in the midst of it you’ll be ready to pull out your hair! In the meantime, don’t fret and take this time to learn tools for handling your child’s behavior so you know what to do with kid #2.


Stick to set nap times

We all get a little cranky when we’re tired, so try your best to make sure your child always takes a regularly scheduled nap and avoid going out during nap times. If your child gets woken up too early from their nap or you wait too long to put them down, this can definitely trigger a big tantrum.


Keep calm

It’s always best to maintain your composure and not give in to your child’s demands. When your child sees that you are not giving in by raising your voice or threatening to punish her but instead ignoring her behavior, she will eventually calm down and you won’t be reinforcing her bad behavior.


Teach him how to express his emotions

Sometimes part of the problem is that your child just doesn’t know the right way to express his emotions. Have your child learn to verbalize his feelings so you can acknowledge his emotions. Teach them that it’s ok to feel these things, but we have to choose the way we behave in reaction. Give him safe ways to express his emotions, such as going for a walk outside or another physical activity.


Pack snacks and toys

Another reason your child may get cranky is because she’s hungry! If you’re taking your child with you to run errands, it may take longer than expected so always be sure to have snacks on hand to curb hunger. Small toys can also provide entertainment if your child is accompanying you to the doctor or a store where they will likely get bored.


Talk things through

If you know you are headed to a store where there will be candy which can trigger a tantrum, talk to your child about it before entering the store. Tell her that while she is not allowed to have candy, if she behaves while you are in the store then she can have a healthy treat when you get home.


Go to a quiet place

If your child is throwing a tantrum in public, remove him from the situation and go someplace quiet like the car. Comfort your child with a hug until he can calm down. It may be hard when you’re just as upset, but put yourself in your child’s shoes and try to understand what is causing him to act out. It may just be a change in his routine schedule that he isn’t used to.


Written by Carrie Shan, Founder of Silkberry Baby

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