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December 27, 2016 3 min read

The holidays are a time when many families hit the road for a winter vacation or just to visit friends and relatives. It’s nice to take time off and spend more quality time with your family, especially if it means escaping the cold and vacationing some place warm. The downside of traveling is usually the means of travel – whether by car or plane. The long hours spent sitting still can take a toll on anyone but it’s especially hard on children. Here are some tips you can follow to make holiday traveling easier for kids.

  1. Stay comfy

If you’re going to be traveling for a while in a car or airplane, a key trick is to make sure everyone is comfortable. One of the best ways to keep comfy is to where your favorite articles of clothing like sweats or even PJs! Silkberry Baby apparel is silky soft and made from bamboo rayon and organic cotton so their footed sleepers are perfect for travel.

  1. Pack snacks

No one wants to deal with kids who are cranky from hunger and airplane food is not going to satisfy your picky eaters. Pack your own healthy and nutritious snacks for the road so you won’t have to spend money on overpriced airport food or have to stop every hour while on the road to buy food.

  1. Pick the right date

Traveling during the busy holiday season is not ideal but you can plan wisely by avoiding travel the very day before a holiday. Instead, try to plan your trip a couple of days before the holiday or on the holiday itself.

  1. Choose a good time

You don’t want traveling to disrupt your child’s sleep routine that you worked so hard to perfect. If you’re traveling by car or by plane, make sure to plan the trip to coincide with your child’s naptime or nighttime sleep schedule. It’ll make things easier if your child is able to sleep throughout the trip.

  1. Pack some entertainment

Getting bored during a car or plane trip is inevitable – there’s not much you can do while confined to a small seat. To combat boredom, pack some small toys that are easy to cleanup and lots of markers and drawing paper to keep kids entertained. You can also play some games like I Spy or pointing out license plates from different states. Even putting together a travel playlist of sing-a-long songs can help to pass the time.

  1. Be prepared

Accidents happen when on the road and you’ll want to be prepared for the worst. Pack extra outfits for everyone, extra diapers, extra baby wipes, plastic bags, a blanket, water bottles, first aid kit, etc. Don’t leave this to the last minute – have one bag with all the necessary items packed a week before the trip. It also helps to make a list of things you will need like toothbrushes, shampoo, towels, etc. and check off everything as you pack it so nothing gets forgotten.
Written by Carrie Shan, Founder of Silkberry Baby

Silkberry Baby is an organic baby clothing brand located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Developed by Carrie Shan, a mother of two young children, the range was conceived to create a baby bedding and clothing product range as her daughter had an allergic reaction to synthetic fibres. After much research, she sourced natural, eco-friendly and sustainable fibers (mulberry silk floss and bamboo) that she found to be the best natural choices available for baby and toddlers' bedding and clothing.

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