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July 18, 2016 3 min read

When parents are looking to get their home ready for a new baby, it’s not always about cute colors and comfy crib bedding for your child. The fun stuff is necessary to get the full experience of a new child, but keeping safety in mind is the most important aspect. Before your new baby moves in, be sure to rid the home, and especially nursery, of any potential hazards. Here are some tips to keep in mind during this process:

1. Unsafe Crib

Making sure you have the perfect crib is very important because this is where your child will be spending the majority of its time. The crib you choose should meet all current government safety standards. The slats should be a safe distance apart to avoid having your child stick their head between them. Also, the corner posts shouldn’t have any added decorative touches that could snag a child’s clothing.

2. Cords and Wires

Cords and wires are a huge hazard to keep in mind with a child. If they’re not handled ahead of time, your child could reach the cords for the window blinds. This is another huge risk of strangulation. For older babies, they could even climb their way up to the window and fall through the screen. The use of window guards, cordless window shades, and hiding any electrical wires are ideal for baby-proofing your home.

3. Electrical Outlets

Once the cords are hidden, electrical wall outlets should always have plug protectors covering them. You want to look for the covers that can shield the entirety of the wall unit because curious toddlers can pick out the individual socket protectors. Try to even hide the fact that an outlet exists at all to avoid any curiosity from your little one.

4. Accessories

When it comes to a baby’s crib, the only necessary item should be a tight-fitting bed sheet. Many parents love buying a bunch of cute blankets and toys for their little one, but these all pose suffocation hazards for newborn babies. Toys are fine to use when you’re supervising and playing with your baby, but when it comes time for them to sleep, none of these added accessory items should be used in a crib.

5. Dishwasher

The dishwasher is often overlooked, but it poses many safety hazards to a young child. If they’re old enough to open it up, there are sharp utensils, harmful detergent chemicals, and obvious heat danger if it’s turned on. Keep the dishwasher childproof however possible.

6. Purse/Bag 

When you get home from a long day, do you sometimes just toss your purse aside somewhere in the house? If so, this is another huge safety hazard for children. If your bag is within reach of the baby, just think about how many little choking hazards can be found inside. Not to mention medication, sharp objects, and any chemicals from beauty products.

Written by Carrie Shan, Founder of Silkberry Baby

Silkberry Baby is an organic baby clothing brand located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Developed by Carrie Shan, a mother of two young children, the range was conceived to create a baby bedding and clothing product range as her daughter had an allergic reaction to synthetic fibres. After much research, she sourced natural, eco-friendly and sustainable fibers (mulberry silk floss and bamboo) that she found to be the best natural choices available for baby and toddlers' bedding and clothing.

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